Race for Kids

Race for Kids 2018 

May 26 @ Rotary Park

Race for Kids 2018 was an amazing success again this year & it promises to be even better next year! We have some ideas in mind....so stay tuned.......:)

Thank you to all of our amazing supporters, sponsors and teams alike - the children in our programs appreciate you more than you can possibly know!! Because of you, this year's Race for Kids raised almost $26,000!!

Race for Kids is a return to the best adventures of childhood, embracing the carefree days of being a kid, and a bonding experience for you and your team as you challenge your skills while raising funds for boys and girls to have the same opportunity.
Your teams of four will compete in 10 themed challenging checkpoints in a race to the finish line. Checkpoints will be designed to incorporate activities that focus the mind and challenge the body. Challenges are not based on athletic prowess or mental superiority; rather, they are designed for fun and building teamwork. Think of it as the perfect combination between The Amazing Race and Minute to Win It.

Each team will be provided with 10 clues, one for each checkpoint to identify the location of the checkpoint. Once the team has figured out the clues, the team will use a map to determine their route between all the checkpoints. After the successful completion of each checkpoint, the team will receive a token with a letter on it. As a final challenge, each team must unscramble the letters on the tokens correctly and get to the finish line first! Prizes for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place finishers, the top individual fundraiser, the top fundraising team, the last or middle place finisher and the best dressed team!! At the end of the race, join us in a post-event celebration. There will be food, drinks and some great entertainment!


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