Before & After School and Mini Club

Before & After School Programs

Before & After School Programs are located in elementary schools in Saskatoon and surrounding area. These programs provide care for parents on a fee for service basis. The Before & After School Programs are designed to provide an affordable service to working parents who are looking for quality childcare options and who are concerned about where their children spend time both before and after school. An internal subsidy program is accessible to families who cannot afford the fees.

Program Leaders are positive role models who provide traditional recreational activities, educational enhancement programs and physical activity each day. The programming focuses on providing children and youth with a safe, supportive place where they can develop confidence and skills for life. 

NOTICE:  BASP registrations for the 2023/24 school year are currently paused.  BASP registrations for the 2024/25 school year will open soon – please watch our social media for the announcement.  


Program Hours and Holiday Schedule

Before & After School Program start times vary by school and run until school opening and from school dismissal until 6:00 pm. We offer programming for early dismissal & common dismissal or professional development days as well as during the February Break and Spring Break. We do not offer programs during the Christmas Break.

BASP Parent Handbook

Before & After School Program Fees (as of February 1, 2024)

Registration Options:  Choice of drop in rate for mornings or afternoons for drop in (part time) OR a full time rate for regular users.  Registration fees apply to both drop in or full time users.

Registration Fees

Until July 31 $40/child/year
After Aug. 1 $60/child/year

» DROP IN:  Morning Fees

Morning fees are a flat charge per morning.

Per child (no multi child discount) $7.70/morning

» DROP IN: Afternoon Fees

Afternoon fees are a flat charge per afternoon.

Per child (no multi child discount)                                                                         $12.50/afternoon

» FULL TIMEMonthly Fee

1st child $325.00
2nd additional child $275.00
3rd (or additional) child(ren) $225.00

Day Camps

Offered during select Professional Development Days, or days without school.

1st child $40/day
Additional children $30/day
Half days $25/child


Additional Fees:

  • Late Registration Fee for Day Camps: $10/child
  • Day Camp No-Show and without 24-hour notice of cancellation: Full day’s charge
  • Late Pick-up Fee: $50/half hour
  • Processing fee for each invoiced payment:
    • Credit Card: 3.9% + 0.30 cents (NOTE:  International Credit Cards:  4.5% +0.30 cents)
    • PAD: 0.60 cents
  • NSF/Declined Payment fee: $25.00
  • Late Payment fee: $5.00

For more information, please call the office.

Program Locations & Emergency Cell Phone Numbers
Bishop Klein 1121 Northumberland Massey Place 306-250-0930
Bishop Roborecki (mornings only) 24 Pearson Pl. Confederation Park 306-250-0687
Brownell (opens 7:15am) 274 Russell Rd. Lawson Heights 306-280-5632
Brunskill 101 Wiggins Ave. Varsity View 306-250-2386
Buena Vista 1306 Lorne Ave. Buena Vista 306-250-2389
Caroline Robins (opens 7:15am) 1410 Byers Cres. Westview 306-250-1894
Caswell 204 30th St. West Caswell Hill 306-250-6176
City Park 820 9th Ave. N City Park 306-250-2547
College Park (opens at 7:15am) 3440 Harrington St. College Park West 306-250-2396
Father Robinson (opens 7:15am) 530 Rogers Road Erindale 306-250-0291
Prairie View Elementary (opens at 7:00am) 205 Ross Court Town of Dalmeny 306-270-5560
Father Vachon 3722 Centennial Dr. Pacific Heights 306-250-4042
Georges Vanier (opens at 7:15am) 820 Wilson Cres. Avalon 306-250-1709
Henry Kelsey (opens 7:15am) 16 Valens Drive Hudson Bay Park 306-250-0452
Hugh Cairns 2621 Cairns Ave. Adelaide/Churchill 306-250-5643
John Lake 2606 Broadway Ave. Avalon 306-250-5476
Langham Elementary (opens 7:00am) 102 1st Ave. Town of Langham 306-250-5738
Mother Teresa (opens 7:15am) 738 Konihowski Rd. Silverspring 306-250-5623
Pope John Paul II 3035 Arlington Ave. Nutana Park 306-250-5692
Saskatoon Christian 362 Township Rd. Stonebridge 306-230-1375
Saskatoon French 1441 Wellington St. Holiday Park 306-250-4035
South Corman Park (opens 7:00am) 1760 Baker Rd. East Casa Rio 306-229-2691
St. Augustine (opens 7:15am) 602 Boychuk Dr. College Park East 306-250-5627
St. Dominic (opens 7:15am) 3301 Dieppe St. Montgomery 306-250-4047
St. Edward 1002 Ave. P N Hudson Bay Park 306-250-5642
St. Nicholas (opens 7:15am) 530 Manek Rd. Evergreen 306-220-7310
St. Paul (opens 7:15am) 1527 Alexandra Ave. North Park 306-260-8478
St. Peter (opens 7:15am) 202 Sumner Cres. Dundonald 306-250-3871
Silverspring (opens 7:15am) 610 Konihowski Rd. Silverspring 306-250-5629
Sylvia Fedoruk (opens 7:15am) 628 Manek Rd. Evergreen 306-220-7310
Vincent Massey 1001 Northumberland Massey Place 306-260-8534
Warman Elementary (opens 7:00am) Warman Elementary School
403 4th St. E
City of Warman 306-250-4018
Willowgrove (opens 7:15am) 805 Stensrud Rd. Willowgrove 306-250-4021

Mini Clubs

Mini Clubs are Before & After School programs that run the same as described above, however they are free of charge for qualifying families. Mini Clubs are offered in targeted schools that have high percentages of low-income, and who are entering/re-entering the work force or attending any type of educational class(es).

Mini Club Locations
Bishop Klein 1121 Northumberland Massey Place 306-250-0930
Howard Coad 431 Ave. T South Mount Royal 306-250-1763
King George 721 Ave. K South King George 306-229-1818
St. Frances 2141 McPherson Ave. Exhibition 306-250-4046
St. John 1205 Ave. N South Holiday Park 306-250-4057
St. Mark 414 Pendygrasse Rd. Fairhaven 306-250-1681
St. Mary 337 Ave. O South Pleasant Hill 306-222-8760
St. Michael 22 – 33rd St. East Kelsey – Woodlawn 306-250-4037
St. Goretti 301 Ave. Q North Mount Royal 306-250-3149
Vincent Massey 1001 Northumberland Massey Place 306-260-8534

Contact Information

Manager: Dina Fedoriuk

Assistant Manager: Celeste Hilton