Before & After School Programs

Program Description:

Before & After School Programs are located in elementary schools in Saskatoon & Area. Our programs are provided on a fee for service basis, families pay for what they use. The Before & After School Programs are designed to provide an affordable service to parents who are looking for quality child care options and who are concerned about where their children spend time both before and after school. An internal subsidy program is accessible to families who cannot afford the fees.   

Program Philosophy:

BGC Saskatoon is committed to providing quality Before & After School Programs that promote and support the healthy development of children and youth. The Programs are planned and implemented to provide an inclusive and respectful environment where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life. 

Program Outcomes:

Regular participation in high-quality after school programs is linked to positive outcomes for children and youth. High-quality programs are designed to provide a sense of belonging, develop a sense of mastery and focus on positive relationships. BGC Saskatoon provides structure and a sense of safety to make programs positive places where voice and choice are encouraged.

Short Term Outcomes:

Children and youth are emotionally and physically safe Children and youth feel welcomed, accepted, valued and respected Children and youth enjoy exploring new opportunities

Programs build relevant skills for children and youth
Community, parents, children and youth are engaged in Clubs and feel ownership of programs

Mid Term Outcomes:

Children and youth are healthy, active and safe Children and youth are connected to peers, parents, school and community Children and youth have key academic, vocational and recreational skills Children and youth have confidence in their aspirations

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