BGC Saskatoon does not charge a monthly fee. All fees are charged based on individual usage.

Registration Fee (until July 31) $40/child/year
Registration Fee
(after Aug. 1)
Morning Fees
1 child $7.70/morning
2 children $13.70/morning
3 or more children $17.00/morning
Afternoon Fees
1 child $8.60/hour
2 children $14.50/hour
3 children $20.60/hour
4 or more children $26.35/hour
Day Camp Days
1 child $40/day
additional children

half days


Late Registration Fee for Day Camps is $10/child. If you register for a Day Camp Day, but don't bring your child(ren) and don't give BGCS 24 hours' notice of cancellation, you will be charged the fee for the full day.

Late Pick-up Fee is $50/half hour.

Morning Fees are a flat charge per morning.

Afternoon Fees are charged per hour, with a minimum charge of one hour. After the first hour, you will be charged to the next half hour.

A processing fee will be charged for each invoiced payment. If you need more information, please call the office. 

Day Camp Days are offered when there are Professional Development Days, or days when there is no school. 

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