Early Learning Centres

BGC Saskatoon operates two licenced early learning centres in the Evergreen and Avalon communities in Saskatoon.

The ELCs provide licenced childcare and early learning services for infants, toddlers and children aged six weeks to six years. Services are provided year-round – please see each locations Parent Handbook for additional information regarding days services are not provided.

Registration Process

To register, parents should apply to the desired location’s waiting list – they will be contacted if/when a space opens by the ELC Business Administrator.

Curriculum and Philosophy

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education’s Play & Exploration curriculum is used to guide developmentally appropriate programming. BGC Saskatoon Early Learning Centres believe that the whole child is best supported through play-based learning with guidance from skilled educators as they experience each day. Our Early Learning Centres are designed to invoke a natural curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning, while promoting strong relationships between children and educators. BGC Saskatoon aims to encourage children to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities preparing them for their future success.

Staff & Qualifications

Our ELC’s are staffed with caring Early Childhood Educators and Nutrition Specialists who meet the requirements set out by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education to work in licenced childcare programs including:

  • First Aid & CPR certification
  • Early Childhood Education certification
  • Allergy Aware certification

Current Fee Structure for Both Locations
(as of September 1, 2023)

Parents pay a monthly fee for childcare services. Parent fees for children up to and including the month the child turns 6 years old (72 months) are reduced with fee reduction grants from the Canada-Saskatchewan Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement. Additional financial support is available from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services for qualifying families – please visit https://www.saskatchewan.ca/employment-incentive for more information.

Age Group Monthly Childcare Fee Fee Reduction Grant Applied Parent Portion Remaining
Infant (over six weeks, under 18 months) $1,145.95 $928.45 $217.50
Toddler (18 months – 29 months) $1,016.80 $799.30 $217.50
Preschool (30 months – 72 months) $936.85 $719.35 $217.50
Children over 72 months* $936.85 $0.00 $936.85

Additional Fees:

  • NSF/Declined Payment: $25.00
  • Late Pickup fee:  $50.00 per half hour
  • Late Payment fee: $5.00
  • Processing fee for each invoiced payment:
    • Credit Card: 3.9% +0.30 cents (NOTE:  International Credit Cards:  4.5% +0.30 cents)
    • PAD: 0.60 cents

Provincial Grant Eligibility and Age Criteria

Provincial fee reductions grants are automatically applied to fees based on a child’s birthdate which means the child is eligible for a specific grant amount based on their age up to and including the age transition month (18 months, 30 months, and 72 months).

*Children over the age of 72 months are no longer eligible for provincial fee reduction grants

Location, Contact and Waitlist Information

Kindly Note

Due to incredibly high demand only email inquiries are accepted regarding space availability or your position on the waiting list – please do not call or leave a voicemail to ask if there are spaces available or waiting list information. Voicemails will not be returned. Thank you for your cooperation in reducing the amount of phone calls the ELCs receive.

Evergreen Early Learning Centre

(90 spaces)

Hours of Operation: 7:00am – 6:00pm
Address: 616 Manek Road, Saskatoon
Phone: 306-373-3111
Business Administrator: Jayme Melnyk
Pedagogical Leader: Bailey Strachan
Waiting List Registration: Currently Closed

John Lake Early Learning Centre

(51 spaces)

Hours of Operation: 7:30am – 6:00pm
Address: 2606 Broadway Avenue
Phone: 306-665-0307
Business Administrator: Sarah Zimmerman
Pedagogical Leader: Mimi Phan
Waiting List Registration: Currently Closed