Evergreen ELC

Evergreen ELC is located at:

616 Manek Road (Sylvia Fedoruk School & St. Nicholas School)

Please call 306-373-3111 for more information.

Jennifer Draper, Business Administrator: [email protected] 

Jessica Martin, Pedagogical Leader: [email protected]

Currently, we have 741 children on the Evergreen ELC Wait List, and therefore, the wait list is closed.

Evergreen ELC Parent Handbook

Evergreen ELC Fee Structure: 

Fees in chart reflect the provincial fee reduction grant amount.

Age Group Fees as of Sept 1, 2022
(6 weeks - 18 months)
(19 months - 30 months) **
(31 months - 72 months) *
Preschool, Part Time (shared space, 2 or 3 times per week)

Children over 72 months, Full Time

Children over 72 months, Part Time



*Reduced parent fee is only in effect up to and including the month the child turns 6 years old (72 months).

**BGCS continues to charge a toddler fee over for children over 30 months old if child is not potty trained. However, the child will only receive a preschool fee reduction grant.

For more information on the provincial fee reduction grants, please click on this link.

Late pick-up fee is $50/half hour.

Credit card processing fees are 3.2%/invoice & debit card processing fees are 1.4% + $1.00/invoice.

Our Evergreen ELC will be open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday - Friday. This may change.

Please note: As per the Operator Expectations for the Early Learning Model for Joint Use School Child Care Centres: Priority will be given to families in the following order:

1. Families who live in the Evergreen area and have child(ren) registered at either Sylvia Fedoruk School or St. Nicholas Catholic School.

2. Families who live in the Evergreen area.

3. Families who live in other areas.

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