Pleasant Hill Club

Pleasant Hill Community School - 215 Ave. S South

Phone: 306-244-7820


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Pleasant Hill Club is located in the Pleasant Hill Community School. Programs are open for school aged children in the community every afternoon Monday - Friday from 3:30 until 5:30. Activities include games, crafts, special events, hanging out with friends!! Programs are free!!

Our Pleasant Hill Club opened in 2000 in McNab Park, then moved into the Pleasant Hill community in 2009. The goal of the Club is to engage children and youth in positive activities and to develop positive relationships with them. The goal of the Club program is to engage children and youth in positive activities and to develop relationships with them. The programs are recreational based and are designed for children ages 5 to 14 years old. Our program is open to all kids who want to participate. The Pleasant Hill Club is open to all kids who want to participate. 

Having a safe place to be where the kids are exposed to new opportunities and positive adult role models is very important in the development of children & youth. This program tends to be fairly traditional in nature and closely follows our Core Values. We offer skill development programs from Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada National programs: Power Up! – an academic enhancement program and Cool Moves – a healthy active lifestyle program. Over the years, this program has evolved into an informal leadership club, where throughout all aspects of programming the participants have a say in the design of the program and many opportunities to plan and run programs for themselves. We have a partnership with Pleasant Hill School. The school invites us to participate in their Pipe Ceremony a few times per year; we are able to use their newsletter as a means of communication with the children and families in the neighbourhood. We use the Pleasant Hill School gym 2 afternoons each week, so program time starts right at the school where the kids are and allows them to participate in some physical activity. We have a formal Leadership program running called Youth Leading Youth that is run jointly in our 3 Club locations: Confederation Park Club, Pleasant Hill Club and the White Buffalo Club. 

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