Youth Employment Program - Exhibition Clean-up

Youth Employment Program

Applications for the Exhibition Clean-up program are now closed. 

Phone: 306-244-7820

Email: [email protected]

The Youth Employment Program gives youth ages 12 to 18 years an opportunity to work for a week at the Prairieland Exhibition. They clean the pedestrian walkways, parking lots and the grandstand at the park during the week of the Exhibition. BGC Saskatoon has a contract with the Saskatoon Prairieland Park Corporation to do the job. We supply the workers and the supervisors and they supply the equipment that we require to keep the grounds clean. This program is designed to give young people experience in the process of applying for work as well as an opportunity for them to work in a well supervised, supportive environment where they will get some experience in what is expected of them in a job setting.

The process of getting a job starts with filling out the application, then going through an interview at the office – all applicants are interviewed. If he or she is hired, they will be phoned and given the information about our training session. The training session is an opportunity for the workers to meet and to learn what the expectations and responsibilities are for their job and gives them a tour of the grounds. 

During the week each team works a specific shift each day. Each team gets a 30 minute break which is spent in the designated office area so they can get out of the sun, have something to eat & drink and to get some rest. We hire 56 youth who get the opportunity to earn some money and to acquire some valuable experience. We hire 4 youth who are put in charge of looking after the recycling barrels that we have on the grounds. Our partner in this program is the Saskatoon Prairieland Park Corporation.

Applications are available on June 1st each year.

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